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It is an expected situation/fact that the ruling party (particular congress) has been using CBI as a tool to make a party chief or some specific important person, toe their lines.  In how many cases, the CBI has closed and opened and reopened cases of 'disproportion of wealth' as a tool to suit ruling party ?
I recall in REAL incident - that happened in a Public Sector Bank - an enthusiastic ED wanted to become CMD (other wise also he would have as he was very intelligent, fast decisions and had come from grass root level) and started making statements that if he becomes CMD how he will ensure that those 'corrupt, but shielded by present CMD will have to go out'. It was a basically a 'Punjabi/northern lobby that was hurt (ED was a south Indian) They all ganged up - bribed some middlelevel CBI officer and saw to it that a 'false case' was hoisted the ED and had his house raided.  CBI did not find any thing. But due to this, the Finance Ministry asked that ED to go on leave (as ED and CMDs appointments in PSBs are by President) and his contract was not renewed, as the the 'brief to CBI was to ensure that this case dragged till that ED completes 60 years, So technically, ED was not dismissed but his contract was not renewed.
This ED fought his case for 23 years in the court against CBI's fake charges - as Bank had all the money to ensure that the case is prolonged.  Finally the ED won the case.  Hardly this news wascovered in any paper, though when the ED's house was raided, it had appeared in all papers on front page.  Even for this, a middle level reporter of IE was 'sanctioned a house loan within 24 hours' by the Bank, to see that the news of raid, appeared in front page. First it appeared in a Gujrati paper - then others JUST copied.  Later when IE came to know of the real background, that reporter had to resign from IE, to avoid being sacked.
When KINGFISHER account headed by SBI, was almost likely to be NPA many years back, Kingisher had not paid rs.100/- crores to IOC for the fuel. IOC just stopped supplying fuel telling KF to pay cash.  But Mallya managed to get his 'limit' raised to rs.200/- crores in just one day, through the then Aviation Minister.  Even to-day KF has NOT paid its dues to IOC.
To-day why any Govt. Dept. (either CBI or Income Tax or other concerned Depts.) find out who owns all these helicopters/executive jets/small planes, which are hired for touring by ALL political parties ? From where did thy got the funds ?  Sonia Gandhi has declared that she is not owning a car.  Then who provides her car for moving around ?
Most of the MPs/Ministers have increased their assessts in 5 years more than double - in what business they are ? What is CBI or IT Dept. doing ?
If not for standing for election, a lay man would not have come to know the assessts of Nandan Nilekani.  But his is all clean white  income - through shares of Infosysis.
It is also a fact, when ever there is a raid by CBI the concerned person suddenly get heart attack and is shifted to a 5 star hospital - In Maharashtra there is a Minister who managed to be in hospital for 2-1/2 years, to avoid being prison.  Later when all hospitals refused admission declaring that nothing wrong with him. he was put in jail.
In another case, an MLA of Maharastra, who was in a hospital in Pune for more than 1-1/2 years, was drawing all perks including the amount to spend on his constituency.  Some one was signing his signature at Vidhaan Bhawan.  It was only a local paper with photo exposed,  things came to light.
Ministers, MPs,MLAs looting Govt. with fake medical bills amounting to lacs of rupees,  is now old
 story..  Less said the better.
Any takers ?
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CBI Golden Jubilee

PR for DDT-a recall


CBI celebrated its golden jubilee in April. The main speaker at the function to mark the milestone was  Gopal Krishna Gandhi, a distinguished former bureaucrat and a scion of the Mahatma. Speech, Gandhi cautioned the premier investigation agency that it should strive to rid itself of its reputation as DDT- dirty tricks department. He also added that it should not be a loose cannon, while claiming independence from government and should hold itself accountable for its actions.CBI should be complemented for inviting an outspoken person like Gopal Gandhi. His cautionary words are very timely   because time and again CBI has not been able to live up to its  lofty Motto ; 'Industry, Impartiality, Integrity'. CBI's Golden jubilee occasion reminds me of an incident when the CBI was about to celebrate its silver jubilee in 1988.

The then CBI Director, the famous Katre, called me with a request to prepare a 'publicity' plan for marking the occasion. In a meeting with him for taking a briefing, Katre told me that the plan should be an ambitious one so that it could be a year -long recall of its record of service. He reminded me of the American film series 'FBI story' and desired to sponsor a production of   a similar TV  docudrama on CBI.

While submitting to the CBI Director  the year long multi-media campaign   plan, in the intro I raised my doubts about the wisdom of a high profile publicity blitz, since CBI was in the midst of a controversy surrounding the Bofors scandal as well as its other not so distinguished record. I also mentioned to him that any attempt to burnish its image   could open the room for exhuming CBI's negative record as well. I suggested that he should consult CBI's political bosses before thinking of a big campaign to mark the silver jubilee.

In the meanwhile, the Director was approaching his retirement from service. P.Chidambaram was the minister of state for Personnel, one of the most efficient minister to head that department, He had launched several innovative programmes for streamlining the central administrative system, giving the Department a   new profile. It was well known that he was close to the prime  minister Rajiv Gandhi. One of Chidambaram's initiatives was to ensure that there was advance action for filling up top level vacancies caused by retirements .As Chidambaram was concurrently MOS ( internal security) in the Home ministry,  he was effectively in charge of the central police organisations (CPOs)such as CRPF,BSF and CBI that was directly under the PM as minister of Personnel. In that capacity he initiate the proposals for filling up the heads of CPOs likely to fall vacant.

One day Chidambaram called me to his office and gave me a list of appointments approved by the PM and the list included the post of CBI Director.Its present incumbent Katre as well as some of the other CPO heads had several months to go before their superannuation. In the case of Katre he had almost six months of service left .I was somewhat uneasy in announcing the appointments so much in advance as such a notification would render the serving heads of CPOs ineffective long before the end of their tenure. I took courage to submit my apprehensions to the minister and as expected I was over ruled. The minister sternly told me that those were orders approved by PM himself. And on behalf of the government, I issued an official press release announcing the new appointments.

In the case of CBI Director, the new appointee was one Radhakrishnan Nair, who was next to the present chief Katre. As the Bofors investigation under CBI meandered  and controversy engulfed the PM, Katre instead of demitting office on superannuation, went on to get several extensions. And his successor Nair left CBI without becoming its chief.

Amidst all such   twists and turns no one cared about CBI's  elaborate Silver jubilee celebration plans.   


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