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Re: [prpoint] Parliament shames India


Hello,Was the the first time?Was this unexpected? Which thief wants to appoint a Kotwal?

On 29 December 2011 22:02, Prime Point Srinivasan <> wrote:

Hi all

In the past three days, Indian citizens have been fooled by the Honorable Members of Parliament.

Lokpal bill has been pending with Indian Parliament for the past 45 years, for one reason or other.  After the break of major scams like Commonwealth games scam, 2G scam, Indians started realizing the need for some strong machinery to curb corruption.

Even the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was playing safe protecting the scamsters.  Only after the intervention of Supreme Court and Media, the scamsters were arrested in all the major scams.  

Even after getting enough proof of misuse of BSNL telephone connections for the family owned TV network, involving thousands of crores of loss to the Government, Maran brothers have not yet been arrested or brought before judicial system by the  CBI.  This has lowered the credibility of even the top investigating agency like CBI.

With this background, when Anna Hazare started the Anti corruption movement in last April 2011, millions of Indians stood behind him spontaneously.  At that time, the Government promised to bring a strong Lokpal bill.

In spite of the fact that the Government spokespersons were  ridiculing the movement itself, when Annaji started an indefinite fast, the whole nation again stood with him.  This made the Lok Sabha to assure the nation that they would pass a strong Lok pal bill in the winter session.

In the winter session, the Government introduced the Lokpal bill.  Though, it had lot of flaws, the people thought, something is better than nothing.  After 8 hours of debate, Lok Sabha passed the bill on 27th Dec 2011 midnight.  The constitutional status for lokpal was defeated.

Again when the bill was introduced on 29th Dec in Rajya Sabha, the intention of all the members were evident right from the beginning.  Those, who watched live telecast in TVs would have predicted the results.  Even from 6 PM onwards, all the channels started predicting that there would be chaos towards the end to avoid voting.  As expected, one RJD member started plucking the papers from the minister and tore the papers in the open house, when the Vice President of India was chairing the session.

Even the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha (Vice President of India) was a silent  observer of this ruckus.  When a crucial bill was being debated, the Chairman did not order  the marshals to remove the member from the House.  

This situation also led the people to believe that the whole drama in Rajya Sabha was choreographed by all the vested interests and enacted verbatim. 

The whole ruckus  was going on till the midnight without any control.  The people, who were watching the TV would have understood the intention of all the parties. 

Finally, the Chairman adjourned the House sine-die.  Though ruling  and opposition  parties are blaming each other for the ruckus and chaos, I feel all the parties have formed alliance to shame India.  

All the parties do not want their Governments  be investigated by any authority at Centre and State level.  

I hang my head in shame for the behaviour of our Hon'ble Members of Parliament. 

Prime Point

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