Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[prpoint] The Hindu Vs Times of India


Dear Srinivasan,

Your write up on the on going battle of The Hindu and TOI Chennai edition made interesting reading.

It is an undeniable fact that our generation woke up to a cup of filter coffee every morning on one hand and picking up the copy of The Hindu on the other.
We genuinely believed that whatever The Hindu published was news and 
nothing else mattered.But in these days of www/FB/Twitter/24X7 TV live coverage/wikipedia et al ,the entire scenario of has changed.

The TOI may have given the wake up call to The Hindu to attract Gen Next,but one
Must concede that the present generation is very news savvy and the recent Ad
Campaign of The Hindu may alienate the younger generation as it portrays them in a poor light.

However,the coverage of the Nakkeeran episode  and  kolaveri di were desperate attempt by The Hindu to be sensational rather than being sensible.

But one cannot forget that Ram and Chitra Subramanian were pioneers in investigative journalism in exposing the Bofors deal.Even the Antrix-Davos deal and wikileaks were first seen in the columns of The Hindu.

We do wish the new team at The Hindu headed by Siddharth VARADARAJAN all the best.The Hindu continues to be our daily compulsion despite all competition, the only change is that we have started subscribing to TOI also ...


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