Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[prpoint] prpoint] Why this kolaveri de? - The Hindu vs TOI Ad war


Dear Mr.Srinivasan

I read with lot of interest the writing abt The Hindu, TOI Ad war. Most of what you have written is true, some interesting un known factors also emerged.I am sure that our members will react strongly as usual discussing this interesting issue.

Having been an ardent The HIndu follower, I cannot refuse the contribution the paper made in youngsters like us 40 yrs back on disciplinary, authentic, ethical news reporting with a near perfect language and editorials, the core strength of The Hindu , even today according to many old people.

I think for many of us the switch took over in the post Ram Era when The Hindu from neutral started reporting un acceptable news versions slightly bothering the ever supporting south readers, almost the same time TOI and DC entered. No wonder the TOI instantly was the youngsters favorite because of the style, color, visuals and contents, the authenticity of news was still with The Hindu.

The war between TOI and The Hindu should end up in The Hindu adopting modern styles with its authentic reporting and TOI providing better language and level of news.

Both should realize that Ad revenue comes thro' readers and subscribers who are attracted by news contents and reporting rather than other attractions.

Looking forward to the views of our group with lot of interest.
With best wishes and warm regards

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