Thursday, January 17, 2013

[Image_Management] Book Review: Internal Communications by Anissu K Verghese


hi all

Recently, I received a book titled "Internal Communication" authored
by Mr Aniisu K Verghese of Bangalore. The author is a communication
professional. In this book he has shared some of his rich experiences
on Internal communication and provides tips for effective management
of internal communication..

The author describes three key and fundamental themes of Internal
Communication as 'AIM'.

(Alignment - understanding the issues and getting every one on the
organisational momentum; Inclusiveness - thinking of an effective
solution involving all the stakeholders, and Measurement - learning
from metrics looping feedback to improve internal communication)

The author has included various case studies and analysed them on
these three fundamental themes for a better understanding.

This book contains 12 chapters covering various aspects of Internal
Communication, including crisis management. challenges &
opportunities, employee engagement, integration of social media in
internal communication, developing leadership, Future of internal
communication, etc.

This book is published by Sage Publications. This book is priced at
Rs.350/-. (196 pages).

A worthy book to be read and preserved by PR, HR and Corporate
Communication professionals and Corporate CEOs.

The author can be reached at

K. Srinivasan
Prime Point

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