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Re: [prpoint] Call for an RFP or an idea theft in disguise?


Can a prospective client use the ideas showcased when a pitch fee is paid? 

Is it possible to stipulate that detailed pitch can be made only in the presence of a prospective client's ceo? 

Can you add a slide saying that you legal team scans the PR campaigns of companies to whom a pitch was made.And the ideas showcased are subject to copyright laws thereby sending a subtle message.

Will big PR agency be blacklisted when it files a legal notice for lifting a pitch idea?

The other option is showcasing the results of an earlier PR campaign done by the agency for a competitor and its efficacy over the prospective client's own PR activity during that time.

With the growth of social media message should be passed about how a company lifted an idea from the pitch made. This will be more effective then fighting it out. Further the lifted idea can be told to other prospective clients while making a pitch for business.


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This is a serious issue that definitely requires attention and action equally by PR firms.
There is always a huge dilemma in the minds of the business managers in-charge of acquiring new business, whether the strategy or approach for any new pitch should fully comply or represent limited edition to meet the RFP requirements.
I agree with Vikram.  The options are literally none in the event that the ideas are implemented.  
Pitch fee as an option should be certainly considered.   Nevertheless, key to any option is that there should be an be industry consensus and all must follow.  
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The moment we get a slightest hint of RFP being posted from a prospective client, we immediately jump into action and start planning for a comprehensive pitch presentation. We research, go through hundreds of newspaper clippings, brainstorm, strategize, work late night and put a plan together hoping to win the business against a competitive pitch.

You share your presentation and wait for that call, but that never happens. Guess what you have been tricked. Soon you will see that the strategies and the ideas that you had suggested being rolled out by the client himself or by a smaller pure execution shops.

In all probability most agencies have been through this and have accepted it as a part of business and can't do much about it as there is no association or an industry body strong enough to question such practices.

In the advertising world also the similar practices exists but they are like always little smarter than us and have started getting into an agreement with the prospects at the pitching stage itself that the ideas put forward in the pitch cannot be used without the agency's permission or without adequate compensation. But even here, if the client still goes ahead and breaches the agreement then there is not much an agency can do other than filling a legal suit, which rarely happens.

Large clients have the process of getting the agency sign an NDA with the brief, which protects them or atleast ensures the agency does not share the finer details with the outside world, but there is nothing that exists today to protect the agency from getting its ideas cloned .

So this week, I would request my colleagues from the agency and the corp comm. side to suggest a workable solutions, if there is any to this issue, that has been a bone of contention since long. So agency folks tell us if there is a solution and company representatives please tell us if you agree with the suggestions put forward by the agency folks and if you support an agreement or a pitch fee kind of a concept during the pitch process?
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