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Re: [prpoint] Discussion on Client Losses


1)    Which according to you are the top 3 reasons for client losses?

Ans: First of all we need to set realistic goals and deliverables. Like civil contractor under-quotes and indulges in cut-throat competition, some PR firms too indulge in such practices. This leads to discord at some point or the other with the client. Being unable to meet client expectations, bungling of relationships are the two main reasons for losing clients. The third reason, much valid in today’s scenario, is cost cutting. I have seen PR and HR getting the hit during cost cutting!

2)    Is there any particular time when you lose most clients after signing?

Ans: As I said, cash crunch could be one of the situations where clients end PR contracts. Inability to handle crisis is another particular point that I can think of. Some companies have the habit of changing their PR agencies every six months without any valid reason. We have to live with such realties.

3)    What are your recommendations to plug this hole?

Ans: Improve service capabilities. Give value added services. Perform beyond expectations. Educate clients on new trends. Involve them in public debates on professional platforms like PRCI (ask me for details)

4)    Anything else you want to share on the topic

Ans: We must keep learning and upgrading our skill sets. The era of traditional media relations is over. Journalists expect stories that add value to their stories. We must all read a lot – about clients, their competition, government policies and so on. In short know your onions well to able to service well!

On 23 July 2014 10:08, Vikram Kharvi [prpoint] <> wrote:
1) Which according to you are the top 3 reasons for client losses?
2) Is there any particular time when you loose most clients after signing?
3) What are your recommendations to plug this hole?
4) Anything else you want to share on the topic

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