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Re: [prpoint] News Hour or Noise Hour?


There are alternatives available. You have the most powerful instrument on hand-the remote. And performance in the parliament is not relevant for the Shiv Sena issue.


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Dear BNK

You have raised a very pertinent issue.  For writing an article in our ezine PreSense on the 'Delhi University issue' last month, I sat before the TV with pad /pen  and watched the News Hour anchored by Arnab .  There were 7 or 8 panelists.  I was eagerly looking forward to very useful points to write in the article.  In the whole show, I could gather only one point that 57 colleges had agreed to implement 3 year degree progamme.  As a listener, I could not get even one single sentence of the panelists.  The same is the case with all the shows.

The arrogance with which  Arnab  is running the show is highly condemnable.  He assumes as if he is the master of everything and all the panelists are subordinates.  If the show is for 60 minutes, he takes almost 40 minutes to shout and make noise.  He assumes the role of a judge.  

No doubt, there will be issues every where.  Can he not highlight the points that are relevant for common man.  Some of the shows are highly dangerous and not in the interest of the nation.  

Last night, he was anchoring a show on Shiv Sena member's behaiour with a canteen worker.  The way in which he was arrogantly  humiliating Anandrao Adsul (Shiv Sena MP from Maharashtra) was very bad in taste. He did not allow him even a single minute to give his views.   Mr Adsul is a very senior MP in the Lok Sabha.  He is 6th time MP.  He ranked No 1 in the total performance among the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha Members.  Is the way Times of India Group wants their journalists to treat others?  

Simultaneously various shows are being telecast in different english and regional channels.  I have also checked up with many.  People who want to get information, switch their channels to other channels where discussions go on without noise. 

May be such noisy shows can bring immediate rating.  But in the long run, it may generate hatred towards the channel. People get frustrated with the noise.  Probably the anchor treats the audience also as 'idiots'.  

I have observed, with Dr Subramanian Swamy and Jayalalitha, Arnab behaves well.  Once when Arnab was raising his voice against Dr Swamy, Dr Swamy immediately reacted that he would also reveal in the live programme  what Times Now was doing.  Arnab kept quiet.  Probably Dr Swamy has more secrets with him. 

Arnab treats even the Chief Ministers with scant respect and in an indecent manner.   But he maintains high level of dignity with Jayalalitha.  If he behaves in an indecent manner with Jayalalitha, he knows that she would even go to the extent of arresting him when the show is on under 'Goondas Act'.  Probably his arrogance grows because, he heads a powerful channel. He should remember that when the channel finds him a liability, he would be thrown off without notice. 

It is always better that Arnab treats every body with dignity and try to get the maximum news to the audience, rather than creating huge noise.  He should also not assume the role of a ;judge'.  

Prime Point

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A simple answer for all the queries , I feel, would be to watch DD,LS and RS channels for news. The difference and the why's and how's will become clear.
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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:45:14 +0530
Subject: [prpoint] News Hour or Noise Hour?

Has the News Hour become a Noise Hour? 

Many friends tell me they stopped watching it. At home too, the family prefers soaps rather than the noise and shouting.
Friends, pl share your views and make this debate a professionally enriching one.

1. Do you think Times Now News Hour is becoming one-sided?
2. Do you think the anchors make a lot of fuss over even small issues?
3. Do you think the kind of aggressive and imposing approach that the anchors adopts (even in Evening News) is proper?
4. Do you think the right message or conclusion in debates come through in the cacophony? 
5. What do you think, as a viewer, the right way to present the news and debates - and do foreign news channels like BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera stand out as shining examples?
6. Any other point that you would like to add

Thanks & Regards
BNK 24x7



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