Friday, July 25, 2014

Re: [prpoint] News Hour or Noise Hour?


I fully endorse the views of Primepoint Srinivasan.  Newshour shouting and especially the arrogance of Arnab Goswami is really becoming intolerable day be day.  I am pretty sure that one day Times group would feel that he is getting more popular (or more controversial or more unpopular and thus being spoken about) than the group itself and will quietly show him the exit.   It is the problem with people 'thinking' that they know too much than they actually 'know'.  I certainly know many in vernacular media who are more decent (Rajat Sharma in Aaj Tak Aap ki Adalat) and quite a few in Tamil media too, who are are more knowledgeable and less arrogant.

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Nuesense hour is an apt description.
Media is no longer a spectator or reporter of news but an active, partial, player in the politics and economics.Anchors have grown bigger than DMK/AIDMK cutouts.
This began with Prannoy Roy,Karan Thaper and the trend has only gotten worse.Many channels are competing with Fox news of Murdoch.
Some semblance of balance and less noise can still be got from BBC/CNN/al Jajeera.
Verbal diarrhea has singularly affected the nightly noise hour.
With mobile phones,one canget a lot ofsources for not justnews but intelligent analysis.Just now a friend hasforwarded an article on Indian media by Australian Journalism teacher.I will forward it thanks
S Narendra

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Has the News Hour become a Noise Hour? 

Many friends tell me they stopped watching it. At home too, the family prefers soaps rather than the noise and shouting.
Friends, pl share your views and make this debate a professionally enriching one.

1. Do you think Times Now News Hour is becoming one-sided?
2. Do you think the anchors make a lot of fuss over even small issues?
3. Do you think the kind of aggressive and imposing approach that the anchors adopts (even in Evening News) is proper?
4. Do you think the right message or conclusion in debates come through in the cacophony? 
5. What do you think, as a viewer, the right way to present the news and debates - and do foreign news channels like BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera stand out as shining examples?
6. Any other point that you would like to add

Thanks & Regards
BNK 24x7


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