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[prpoint] Fwd: What does it take to be a Disruptive PR Practitioner?


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Attempting to start writing after a long time, hope i had value with this piece, your feedback and opinions will be highly appreciated.

What does it take to be a Disruptive PR Practitioner?

Is your answer Super Intelligence? But I have seen in my entire career that people who I have come across as very intelligent have not achieved much in their lives. Probably they spend a lot of time convincing people about their intelligence rather than implementing their knowledge in something productive. So don't you think intelligence is overrated?

Is it media relations? I have known people who have got excellent media relations but can't think of a story that can be efficiently sold to a journalist who is not known to them. And how many times does a known journalist will oblige and keep doing favors after favor just because you are a great friend. Again I have seen such people always doing media relations at an operational level for their entire lives. Is it worth?

Is it the art of writing? I don't subscribe even to this, because I have seen great writers often disconnected with the reality and they tend to believe so much in themselves that they start looking down upon others. They invest so much time in their creation that it never gets completed and delivery slows down, which is least expected in our hyper active world.

I have just listed three most common traits that we think that if we had it in us would have made us a great professional and our bosses as well clients would have simply fallen in love with us. I am sure there are many such traits like technology know-how, right resources etc. etc. But what people don't realize it that what they are missing is not all the above but the right frame of mind—the right attitude.

So let me give you a very known and beaten to death example of Dirubhai Ambani an industrialist and the most successful businessman of our era, who had made it to the top from scratch. So what made him such a rousing success? He certainly wasn't educated from Harvard, but the Ambani Senior, did have three things going for him, something Steve Jobs and other visionaries also had in them. -- 

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