Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Re: [prpoint] UBER Conttroversy


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I fully endorse the views expressed by shri S. Narendra.  There are many cases reported in media that domestic servants working 'very faithfully' for years, one fine morning decamp with cash/jewelery - even killing the sr. citizens. for whom they were working for.
Then how can UBER will guarantee conduct of a just appointed  Driver ? To-day just by bribing police, any type of certicicate one can get.  Those who attacked the Parliament years back,  were provided with 'red bacon' for their newly bought Ambassador car (all with cash)  which no shop is supposed to sell.
The guy who disfigured a girl's face by throwing acid, that too in a busy raily station, could purchase acid in open market.
How many illegal 'underground arm factories' in certain districts of UP manufacturing 'kattas' police know very well.
Therefore it is high time, that the Road Transport Safety Bill is passed in Parliament as soon as possible and then implemented.
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Whipping UBER is great for channel rating.

UBER Controversy: Delhi govt bans UBER in Delhi over the case of a criminal taxi driver who raped a lady passenger. This is good fodder for media.

But no one is asking questions like-Why Ban UBER only in Delhi?

Any number of phony radio taxi services are operating, the background of their taxi drivers are not verified by the operators. Should not the Govt ban them??

Is it not the job of Road Transport authorities to check the background of drivers before issuing driving licences,esp commercial vehicle licences?

IN UBER Delhi case the police have given a certificate of good conduct to the errant driver. Should not the Gov ttake the relevant police to task?

The entire controversy highlihgts the need to pass the Road trasnport Safety bill pending before parliament.Media has missed this important point.

Even if there is background check of drivers by a taxi operator,in this case UBER,does this guarantee that   a criminal act like rape,murder etc wouod not be committed by a driver?  

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