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Re: [prpoint] UBER Conttroversy


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Definitely good fodder for media - one of the media reports states that considering the then Congress govt was tardy in Nirbhaya case, at least the BJP-led Union govt is taking no chances and immediately banned Uber! Is that the solution? Did the govt consider banning schools where such heinous crimes took place that too on babies - 4 yrs, 6 yrs old? 

In an organization setting also in case of wrong doing of an individual, we punish the offender and make policies and action firm. Banning a company is not a solution. 

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Whipping UBER is great for channel rating.

UBER Controversy: Delhi govt bans UBER in Delhi over the case of a criminal taxi driver who raped a lady passenger. This is good fodder for media.

But no one is asking questions like-Why Ban UBER only in Delhi?
Any number of phony radio taxi services are operating, the background of their taxi drivers are not verified by the operators. Should not the Govt ban them??

Is it not the job of Road Transport authorities to check the background of drivers before issuing driving licences,esp commercial vehicle licences?
IN UBER Delhi case the police have given a certificate of good conduct to the errant driver. Should not the Gov ttake the relevant police to task?

The entire controversy highlihgts the need to pass the Road trasnport Safety bill pending before parliament.Media has missed this important point.

Even if there is background check of drivers by a taxi operator,in this case UBER,does this guarantee that   a criminal act like rape,murder etc wouod not be committed by a driver?  

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